Thursday, December 29, 2016

For Everything in December

"Christmas, Christmas time is here!"

Lights are up and running!

So Sarah did something crazy! She got me (us) a pup. He is super cute and his name is Oliver. 

This is the face of a woman who is doubting her decision of getting a dog. HAHA To this day, she's still adjusting...we both are. We are trying to make the best of having a dog and let's just say it is very much work in progress. 

Nicknames: Ollie, Twerp, Dog, Buddy, Puppy, Bud, and Pooper
Favorite Toys: Microfiber Towel, Antler, Christmas Bone, and his Christmas Sweater

 Every December, the 82nd puts together an event called Operation Toy Drop. It is where airborne qualified soldiers buy and bring a new toy, for kids who are not as fortunate for Christmas, in exchange for a lottery ticket. If your ticket is called, you are guaranteed the opportunity to jump out of an aircraft with foreign jump master from other countries. This year they had: Poland, Botswana, German, Singapore, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherland, and Canada. 

These are my Canadian jump wings. This is my second year participating for this event and I cannot wait for next year.   

Pew Pew!
Sarah and I have been talking about buying a handgun. So we took the safety course so that we can get our conceal carry license.
My girl looks like a BADASS

For Christmas my parents bought me two tickets to see the Tran-Siberian Orchestra. It has been on my bucket list for about eight years to go see them and it was AWESOME!

I could not have asked for a better person to share the experience. 

Look at that face!

 Sarah's job signed up for a 5k and invited family to join in. It was quite cold but so much fun. As usual, Oliver not cooperating. 

Oliver led the way for the first 2 miles. 

During Andi and Mickey's voyage from New Hampshire to Utah, they made a pit stop in Fayetteville, NC and Alyssa came to visit for Christmas! It was so nice having family in our little home.

All the traveling had a few people a bit tired. 

!Christmas Eve! 
Aren't we so cute with our matching pajamas :) 
For dinner, instead of a turkey we each had our own cornish hen. They were sooooo yummy! 

Christmas Day!
I spy with my little eyes...a sleeping Alyssa. 

After opening presents and breakfast the house was asleep (except for mua)

Our attempt of taking a Christmas Day picture, the dog wasn't cooperating haha

 Oliver may have found new love

I've only ever made a gingerbread house using a kit so Alyssa said we had to make our own gingerbread house. 
Can you guess what we made? 

Alyssa created the Weirwood "Pine" Tree

I made the tower which Bran fell off of. 
(Bran included)

Sarah (master architect) built the castle

The final touch, the Hershey's etched direwolf!
Sarah did an amazing job

*insert GOT theme song"

This last month has been incredibly busy for the both of us but we have survived and are excited to welcome in the New Year. 


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

THANKSgiving in New Hampshire

Wednesday night, Sarah and I hit the road and drove all night to spend Thanksgiving with the Johnson side of the family. It was such a wonderful trip and will definitely have to do it again. 

Driving North was beautiful once the sun came up. 

 Sarah likes to tease me for always sleeping; she's constantly taking pictures of me as proof!! 

 Uncle Sam loves to tell stories

This was a cute bridge outside the Vermont Country Store

I have never seen a frozen over body of water! This bond barely had ice covering it. 

Our wonderful tour guide! This incredible woman worked all night and would come home, sleep for a few hours and get right back up to spend some time with us and then go right back to work. Superwoman right here! 💗

Carl and Clarissa, our lovely hosts in NH, live in a farm. This is Tipsy the draft horse; she was super big and extremely friendly. 

 They had so many chickens! lucky for them they don't have to buy eggs all the time. It was super neat. 

And their own personal "Denny's." 

Two reasons for the picture: the only place during this trip we actually had signal and this is where my Platoon Leader went to college. 

Now that we are back home in North Carolina, its time for Christmas!!!
Sarah and I bought our very first tree as a couple. 

Perfect fit for our little home